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Retail Tenancy Coordination & Management

Preserving the Integrity of Design Themes, Building Services and Facilities

Construction Legal's high quality tenancy coordination and management services will preserve the integrity of design themes, building services and facilities. At Construction Legal, our experts have a broad range of skills in retail tenancy coordination. From working with tenants on their fitout design through to advising them on leasing obligations, we can assist landlords every step of the way.

We will work with tenants to make certain they understand:

  • Standards compliance
  • Standard and specific Tenancy Guidelines
  • Their legal and contractual rights under the lease agreements

We can also review commercial tenants’ layout designs for compliance with relevant guidelines and can obtain the required documentation from the tenant to allow for their occupation of the premises.

We will ensure that the property owner’s interests are protected by arranging fit out meetings and will review tenancy design documentation to ensure that it will be approved by the relevant authorities.

In addition, we offer the following services:

  • Providing estimates for base building modifications
  • Monitoring compliant council and authority approvals
  • Managing the fit-out for on time completion
  • Monitoring the fit-out process to ensure that it meets cost, time and quality requirements
  • Meetings with the clients' leasing representatives to confirm strategies and opportunities for leasing to ensure seamless integration of fitout with construction
  • Review and advising on tenancy design documentation
  • Liaison with the tenant throughout the fitout process
  • Obtaining the required documentation to allow enable occupation of the premises
  • Cost management of the Lessors / Lessees responsibilities

Our experts have a broad range of skills in retail tenancy coordination. Call us today for a free consultation regarding your retail tenancy needs.