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Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Alternative Dispute Resolution & Litigation for Property and Construction

I am extremely impressed with the quality of the legal services provided by Construction Legal. I was worried that my case would be weak, but the team are extremely knowledgeable in litigation, construction disputes and strategy which left me feeling at ease about my case.
— Sally Stokes, General Manager, CF Group

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We are experienced in all forms of alternative dispute resolution in the construction and leasing realm. With our team managing your case, you will have high chances of succeeding in your matter.

Construction disputes can severely drain both time and cash flow on a project. Using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation, adjudication and expert determination can often mean that conflict is resolved quickly and efficiently so that everyone can focus on completing the project on time and within budget. At Construction Legal, our team of lawyers have years of experience in all types of alternative dispute resolution such as expert determination, mediation and adjudication.

Mediation & Negotiation

It is often the case that parties to a construction dispute will first attempt to mediate or negotiate a resolution of their dispute or differences. Mediations are often conducted in one or two days and is a very informal process which means that the cost and time away from a project will be minimal. Construction Legal has a wide network of experts in the leasing and construction sectors so are able to recommend a mediator that will be well-versed in the issues that are in dispute.

Based on our extensive experience in mediation and negotiation, we understand the importance of the early and proactive resolution of disputes and will strive to obtain commercial results for our clients.


Adjudication is a popular, cost effective and simple method of resolving payment disputes under construction contracts. The process involves the appointment of a qualified adjudicator to review a payment dispute. The adjudicator reviews the submission from both parties to the dispute and then makes a binding decision in accordance with relevant statutes and laws, known generally as security of payment legislation.

The team of lawyers at Construction Legal have conducted numerous adjudication for payment disputes ranging from $100,000 to $35 million. We have an extremely thorough understanding of security of payment legislation and will ensure that your interests will protected every step of the way during the determination of payment claims.

Expert Determination

Expert Determination is often an efficient way to resolve disputes of a technical or contractual nature. By using expert determination, parties to a dispute can agree to be bound by the decision of a third party that has expert knowledge of a particular construction issue or subject.

The chosen expert’s role is mainly investigative, taking in evidence from the disputing parties by way of written submissions, the contractual conditions and of course the knowledge derived from their own expertise.

The Principals at Construction Legal have had years of experience in expert determinations dealing with disputes relating to delay, disruption and variation claims from $300,000 to $20 million. We are experienced in the process and will endeavour to ensure that our clients walk away from process with a positive result.


We understand that litigation is considered a last resort option and that clients want cost effective solutions. That’s why at Construction Legal we begin with making a detailed assessment of the dispute at hand and will evaluate your chances of success. At Construction Legal you will be receiving the highest quality of advice as our team have decades of litigation experience. Furthermore, we are always ensuring that our understanding of legal issues is up to date by conducting thorough legal research.

We have a network of experienced construction, property and engineering experts and barristers who we frequently consult with to ensure that we have a detailed, expert understanding of the case at hand. We have extensive experience litigating the following types of disputes:

  • Leasing and property disputes
  • Possession orders
  • Construction disputes
  • Breach of Contract
The team at Construction Legal are always successful in court and continue to take care of us after every case is closed in order to ensure that court orders are complied with by our opposing parties.
— Sally Stokes, General Manager, CF Group

Disputes can escalate quickly and can be a major disruption and expense to your project.  At Construction Legal, we can provide with prompt legal advice on how to resolve your dispute quickly and commercially. Call us today for a free consultation regarding your dispute.

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